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Course registration and slot assignment for overbooked courses

The demand for the workshops on

  • “Effective Scientific Writing and Publishing”,
  • “What to do with a PhD”,
  • “Critical reasoning and logic” and
  • “Mental strength”

has continuously remained very high, with many people only getting waiting list slots, despite our efforts to offer additional course dates.

As you may know, for skills courses, slots are assigned automatically by Stud.IP based on the number of semesters of the student (higher semesters receive priority), and the priority indicated (by the student during registration) for that course.

For the courses mentioned above, starting from the upcoming summer semester, we will take into account who had registered for the same course before (for the past two course dates, i.e. during this winter semester and possible the last summer semester). We will try to accommodate those who have repeatedly registered for the course. In case there are more repeat registrations than slots, we will again give priority to higher semesters.

If you have registered for one of these courses unsuccessfully before, do not hesitate to do so again – you may now have a good chance of getting a slot!

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