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Career Talk from btS: “Als Naturwissenschaftler in die Beratung”

The “Biotechnologische Studenteninitiative e.V.” (btS) would like to invite doctoral students in the life sciences to a talk from Dr. Vennemann (Bayer Business Consulting) with the title „Als Naturwissenschaftler in die Beratung“. He will speak about the career perspectives as a consultant. The talk will be followed-up by a get-together to meet the speaker and discuss his career choice. The talk will be in german.

When: Thursday: 8. November, 6:00 pm

Where: Hörsaal 55, Uniklinikum

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Information on the btS:

The btS motto is “from students for students”. The “Biotechnologische Studenteninitiative e.V.” (btS) is a student initiative of the Lice Sciences and connects students and PhDs in Germany. Their goal is to bring students, universities, research institutions and companies together. They inform about opportunities for job qualification, organize career fairs, and communicate information within industry and academia.