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Call for course registrations – March 2020

The registration for methods and skills courses held in March 2020 will be open from 1 January.Logo_GAUSS&GGNB You can register for courses taking place in March from 1-20 January; the slots will be allocated on 25 January.

Please check carefully for scheduling conflicts. Registration after the 20 January is not possible, please do not contact the course instructors. All communication regarding the courses should be via the GAUSS or GGNB Office. In case you have registered but then need to cancel a course, you can still do so in StudIP before the end of January. From 1 February your participation will be binding and cancellation is only possible with a statement by your supervisor or your doctor’s attestation via an email to the office, not to the course instructors.

For a full list of courses scheduled for the winter semester 2019/20 please go to UniVZthe data are due to changes and therefore preliminary!

A detailed description on how to register for a course can be found here: Courses_Instructions_WiSe_2019-20

Skills courses:

Check the detailed course descriptions in UniVZ or Stud.IP before signing up as some courses require pre-work or follow-up work or have an unusual duration!

Trainer UniVZ ID Title of Course Credits Date Recommended for (early/middle/late PhD)
Sinclair, Nadine 340465 S 84 Resilience Training for Researchers 1.0 29-30 Jan 2020 registration only until 12 Jan
Dixon, John 340224 S 63 Effective scientific communications. Writing, presenting and publishing 3.0 16-18 Mar 2020  early+middle
Fuest, Veronika 340004 S 83 Understanding the science system and academic culture in Germany 1.0 2-3 Mar 2020  early
Industry Excursion 340099 Bruker Daltonics, Bremen 0.5 23 Mar 2020  late
Industry Excursion 340278 Coherent, Göttingen 0.5 11 Mar 2020  late
German Language Courses (open only for students of certain doctoral programs): see UniVZ
ZESS courses:

Methods courses:

Please keep in mind to evaluate your methods courses directly afterwards.

Department/Group Supervisor(s) UniVZ ID Title of Course Credits Date
Developmental Biology, Anatomy and Histology
Ebert, Antje 340320 A 219 Human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), their differentiation and genomic modification via CRISPR/Cas9 1.0 17-18 Mar 2020
Feußner, Ivo Herrfurth, Cornelia 340045 A 016 Introduction to lipid analysis 1.0 March 2020
Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience, Electrophysiology
Gärtner, Jutta Susann Diegmann, Kolja Meier 340456 A 233 Next Generation Sequencing to identify the disease gene in unclear neurogenetic disorders 1.0 24-25 Mar 2020
Biophysics,  Bioinformatics and Statistics
Grubmüller, Helmut / de Groot, Bert Helmut Grubmüller, Bert de Groot, Malte Schäffner 340387 A 024 Introduction to Molecular Dynamic Simulations 1.0 March 2020
Steinem, Claudia Andreas Janshoff / Ingo Mey/ Florian Mann 340235 A 169 Atomic Force Microscopy versatile tools to study surfaces and surface properties 0.5 12 Mar 2020


Laboratory Animal Science:
Courses are offered by the UMG. To register, please contact Dr. Monique Silter ( The fees for the course have to be covered by the department of the participant.
Theoretical part: online course. The passing of a written exam is prerequisite for participation in the practical part.
Practical part (Modules 1-6):
25-29 Nov 2019 22-26 Jun 2020
10-14 Feb 2020 21-25 Sep 2020
23-27 Mar 2020 23-27 Nov 2020