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Course: Scientific English for PhD-Students – weekly, 4 Nov – 03 Feb 2021

Course Description: The objective of this course is to address common errors in English language usage among non-native speakers working in the natural sciences. Specifically, Scientific English aims to improve your pronunciation of science vocabulary, to familiarize you with grammar topics linked to improper usage, and to teach you a clear English style. To reach these goals, we will use a variety of resources including textbooks and print media.

The workshop will be held via the videoconferencing software Zoom. Further information on how to use the software will be provided to registered participants.

Teacher: Darrin Miral

Course times: Wednesdays, 18:30-20:00h

Course duration: 4 November 2020 – 3 February 2021

Please note that you are required to take part regularly. Absences have to be documented by sick certificates or a statement by your supervisor.


Registration via Stud.IP: 340444