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Making Göttingen climate-neutral by 2030! Citizens’ petition goettingen-climate-neutral: please sign.

Climate neutrality together – by 2030!

Let us make Göttingen climate neutral until 2030 together: information about the petition and signing in times of COVID-19 can be found here:

The citizens’ petition goettingen-climate-neutral needs 7,000 signatures. Normally, this is done in Göttingen in a few days in front of the Mensa, but at the moment it is difficult (the complicated way of signing is also partly to blame).

Three ways to sign the petition today: you need to sign the German version of the petition, so that your signature counts (see below).

Option A: Collection point

The classic way is to hand in your signature at a retail outlet in the city centre. Show me where

Option B: We come to you

Contact our delivery system and we will bring everything to you. Sign up

Option C: By post

Print the list and either send it to us by post or drop it in one of the letterboxes. Print now

Important, all EU citizens aged over 16 who have been registered in Göttingen for more than 3 months can sign – but only if they are registered in Göttingen itself (postcode 370xx) (not Rosdorf, Bovenden etc., which are independent municipalities).

You can download the list to sign here.

Here you can find the English translation of the list: English translation

Vatandaş dilekçesinin Türkçe çevirisini burada bulabilirsiniz: Türkçe Çeviri

Ancak imzanızın geçerli olabilmesi için dilekçenin Almanca versiyonunu imzalamanız gerekmektedir.

!Здесь вы можете найти русский перевод петиции граждан.

Тем не менее, вам необходимо подписать петицию на немецком языке, чтобы вашу подпись засчитали.

Nevertheless, you need to sign the German version of the petition, so that your signature counts.