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Otto Warburg International Summer School on Computational Cancer Research, 29 Aug – 2 Sept 2022, dealine 31 Jul 2022

The Otto Warburg International Summer School on Computational Cancer Research is organized jointly by the MPI for Molecular Genetics & the CompCancer Graduate school. The Summer School will take place at the Charité Campus in Berlin from 29 August – 2 September 2022 and hosts a number of excellent international speakers.

The OWS on Computational Cancer Research is an interactive summer school with lectures, research talks, poster sessions and a practical workshop. It will cover a series of advanced lectures to introduce the relevant topics, followed by research talks that showcase the current research questions and methods in the field.

A key part of this summer school is the interaction between speakers and student participants. Accordingly, applicants are asked to present their work as a poster to stimulate discussions with established scientists as well as fellow students.

Doctoral students and young researchers with a computational background in the cancer field and related fields from all over the world are welcome.


Registration: Click here (Application deadline 31 July 2022)

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