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Workshop “Unfolding Diversity – Harvesting Excellence” by the Faculty of Physics

The Faculty of Physics is offering a workshop mainly addressed to doctoral candidates and postdocs in physics and chemistry with the topic “Unfolding Diversity – Harvesting Excellence”. 

The workshop will take place on 5 November and 6 November from 9:00 to 17:00 and will be in english. The room will be announced prior to the workshop.

If you want to take part, please register via email to with your complete contact details.


Detailed course description:

Diversity enriches organizations with new knowledge and competencies that open the way to new perspectives, innovative options and flexible modes of action. But it is neither trivial to cooperate interdisciplinary and internationally, nor to attract women into technical & science fields. Numerous studies show that heterogeneous teams either exceed the performance of homogenous teams – or under- perform. Diversity Management is a cross-sectional approach to handle chances and risks of heterogeneous teams and is affecting team and organizational culture. Constructive inclusion of diversity is increasingly requested and can

  • promote excellence,
  • enable to successfully deal with the dynamics and complexity of the knowledge-society,
  • support interdisciplinary, inter-sector and international fruitful cooperation to cope with innovation pressures,
  • add to acquire national and international reputation,
  • contribute to a positive stakeholder participation in society.

Your profit

  • You gain leadership in a current and sensitive field of discussion.
  • You unlock unexpected staff resources, foster motivation and high performance orientation.
  • You better understand conflict-dynamics, can better avoid them, better address and solve them. You contribute to an engaged, open and inspiring working culture, thus enabling excellence.


  • Prerequisite to a learning and agile organization: diversity – chances & risks.
  • Status Quo: effects of a lack of diversity.
  • How can gender & diversity competence be measured and developed?
  • Small differences – enormous effects: a framework to understanding differences. Crucial: How to lead heterogeneous teams and organizations.
  • Diversity and inclusion as organizational strategy.

These intensive impulses alternate with relevant exercises. They support your self-awareness, give you best-practice-examples and experience from simulations that enable to understand different perspectives including their conflict potential authentically.


Dr. Silvie Klein-Franke, Certified Management Consultant (CMC). Constantinus-Award for staff development and training, 2008. Expert and auditor for a variety of institutions. More than 20 years of leadership and change responsibilities for heterogeneous teams in the tertiary education sector. Detailed experience and references:


The workshop is given over 2 days. Group size 9-12 participants. Certificates are compatible with ECTS, so can be acknowledged by universities.