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LifeScienceXplained: Sartorius Communication Award, deadline 15 Aug 2021

The life sciences are not only a particularly innovative field of research, but also a particularly complex one that requires explanation. Their findings and applications are of considerable relevance to society. This makes it all the more important that even non-experts can access these topics, find out about them and deal with them. Sartorius is therefore looking for young science explainers who, in their blog, video, slam, podcast, article or other format, make complex life science content easy to understand and motivate people without a scientific background to engage with these topics.

sartorius-logoThe “LifeScienceXplained” award, which is endowed with 10,000 euros, honors young communicators up to the age of 35 who bring biotechnological research resulting in new medical applications closer to a broad audience and explain it in a particularly comprehensible, innovative and creative way. The award aims to promote the exchange between science and society on current topics in the life sciences and to foster understanding of the life sciences.

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