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Register for weekly German module courses for PhDs

We are happy to announce that soon the the Language Centre German as a Foreign Language (Lektorat DaF) will offer the German module courses (weekly courses during the semester).

Please register for the course you would like to attend from 26 October (8 am) to 29 October 2020 via StudIP.

The start of the courses will be in the week of 2 to 6 November 2020 (till 12 February 2021). In StudIP you will find the courses when you search for “Deutschkurs”.

The following courses are especially considered for PhD students and will take place online:


Course Lecturer  Days & Time 

Course no. 4505038

Ms. Mashhadireza Monday + Wednesday

7-8:30 pm


Course no. 450452

Mr. Stumm Monday + Wednesday

7-8:30 pm


Course no. 4504894

Mr El-Ouardy Monday + Wednesday

7-8:30 pm


Course-no. 4504897

Mr. Hirche Monday + Wednesday

7-8:30 pm


Course-no. 4500283

Ms. Mashhadireza Tuesday + Thursday

7-8:30 pm


Please check the website of the Lektorat DaF for further details.