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Call for applications (by 18.12.2020): DATAETHICS activity (Ethical Challenges of Biomedical Big Data)

Dear PhD students in the life sciences,

The Eurolife Consortium ( coordinated by the University Medical Center Göttingen has recently been awarded an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership grant towards “DATAETHICS – Changing Landscapes in the Health and Life Sciences: Ethical Challenges of Biomedical Big Data (BBD)”. The project aims at updating the conceptual and ethical considerations that arise from Biomedical Big Data collection and use (

The first (virtual) DATAETHICS activity on the analysis and interpretation of a case study related to the handling of BBD is launched these day and the DATAETHICS organizers are currently recruiting students for this activity.

All relevant details are summarized in this pdf. For further information, please contact the DATAETHICS coordinator

How to apply? Please send your Curriculum Vitae by 18 December 2020 to: (please note the typo of this email address in the attached pdf file we were asked to forward)

Students will be selected based on their academic profiles and relevance to the identified case study. In addition, each selected student will ideally be from a different academic program.