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Volunteers for Pint of Science Festival

Dear fellows,

My name is Magda and I am writing you aiming to recruit a crew of volunteers to organise a Pint of Science (PoS) event ( due in May, 2020. These events aim to bring scientist and their work to people by engaging in conversation over a beer during a span of three consecutive evenings. PoS talks are flexible in number and duration, although it is recommended to have 2 short talks (20min each) per event plus a break and quiz time.


Since Göttingen is so big in science, I thought it would be cool to organise something like that. Here I describe what will be needed from volunteers:



  • 1h work/week
  • 1 group meeting/month
  • 1 meeting with PoS/month – help us organising


  • Select the pubs
  • Select the speakers and help them with the talk guidelines (advised by PoS)
  • Assist and moderate the talks
  • Organise quiz to entertain the public
  • Describe each talk and overall event
  • Select the medium of publicity (engage students and lay people)
  • Apply for funding to cover publicity costs


If you are interested in collaborating, please send me an email along this week to meet and chat.

Kind regards,