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Webinar: Prototype your PhD, 10 Feb 2022

youngentrepreneursThe goals of the Young Intrepreneurs in Science programme are to improve the chances of doctoral students and scientists in career development and to open up new career perspectives during or after the doctorate. Existing skills and potentials are to be discovered through the workshops and webinars and you will playfully find out “How much start-up is in the doctoral thesis”. All webinars and workshops are free of charge and hold via zoom. Language is usually in English.


We’d like to announce the next Webinar:

What: Prototype your PhD

When:  2:00 – 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, 10 February 2022

Target group: PhDs and Postdocs of all disciplines

Practise Design Thinking and discover the potential of your own research to produce a product by building your first prototype. Please register.


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