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Application for admission and application to the doctoral examination partially limited due to shutdown of UniVz in June 2022

As of 11 June UniVz will be shut down and affects our lucom forms for admission to the doctoral program and to the doctoral examination.

Between 11 and 19 June, applications for admission (Prm) can still be submitted via Lucom, but the processing/approval of applications is restricted for this time period.

Applications to the doctoral examination (PrmPrf) are as before only possible, if the members of the examination board already hold an examination accreditation in GAUSS at the time when you apply for the doctoral examination. Otherwise the form cannot be filled in and submitted! Hence, please plan the composition of your examination board well in advance and coordinate it with the first supervisor and the Program/Dean’s Office. Please see Procedure for Online Submission and Application for Admission to the Doctoral Examination.

All previously added and existing persons in UniVz are still available in the forms and can be selected as supervisors/examination members without any problems. For these applications, processing/approval is also possible without further delay during this time. In case of adding new (or external) persons, there would be a short interruption in processing/approval.


On 6 July 2022, the Lucom forms are completely shut down!
You will not be able to open the Lucom forms at all.