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PRIDE Network Association offers mental and physical health training, 2 & 3 Dec 2021

Since mental and physical health in times of a global pandemic is more important than ever, the PRIDE Network Association is offering a training for interested PhD students on the topic “Well-being of PhDs and Professionals in Doctoral Education”. Important questions like “How is stress created on the individual level?”, “How are emotions translated in which symptoms?”, “How can someone cope with stress (as individual)?” or “What strategies can someone develop (individual level, working context, organisational level)?” are going to be discussed within the workshop. The training will take place on 2 December and 3 December 2021 at the Charles University in Prague.OIP

Further information and Registration can be found here.
Application deadline: 21 November 2021.

Applications will be approved on a first-come, first-serve basis (max. 25 participants).
Participation fee: € 350 (PRIDE members), €500 (non- PRIDE members).

For more information, contact Michael Wimmer.
If you have interest in the topic of well-being and mental health, feel also free to check out the Pride Network Podcast on Research careers, well-being and mental health.