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13th European Biophysics Conference, 24-28 Jul 2021 [deadline abstract submission: 30 Apr]


The Austrian Biophysical Society cordially invites you to attend the EBSA meeting to be held in Vienna’s beautiful city in summer 2021!

Austria has a long-standing tradition in biophysics: in 2021, the Austrian Biophysical Society will celebrate its 60th birthday. Founded in 1961, Biophysics Austria is among the oldest biophysical societies in Europe and hosted the first European meeting in Biophysics in Baden by Vienna in 1971. The 2021 congress will be held under the umbrella and with the support of the European Biophysical Societies Association (EBSA). Many well-known companies will support this meeting.

The organizers designed an outstanding scientific program covering most biophysical research directions, including single-molecule biophysics, high resolution optical and force microscopy, ion channels and transporters, lipids and membranes, structural biology, theoretical biophysics, cell mechanics, and many other subjects.

Plenary speakers are among others Nobel Laureate Thomas Südhof (Stanford University, USA) who is a former person of the Göttingen Campus at MPI bpc and Nobel Laureate Ada Yonath (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel)

30 Apr 2021    End of abstract submission
30 Apr 2021    End of early bird registration
30 May 2021   Abstract author notification for poster or oral presentation

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