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New Call: Workshops and Coaching for Female Scientists 2022

The Equal Opportunity Office of the UMG offers courses for women, and occasionally for all genders. The course fees per participant have to be paid for by the respective department, usually from gender equality funds granted in DFG projects.UMG_OHNE_4C

If you are interested in a course, check with your supervisor if funds are available, and contact Laura Kajetzke for information and registration (; Telefon 0551/39-22191).


The following workshops are available:

New Call

How to master a job interview – Professional and authentic in online and in-person job interviews (Sabine Mariss)

An interview gives a prospective employer the opportunity to speak with you and consider your appropriateness for the job in question. Since your resume or job application showed that you possess the desired skills for the job, the interview will also focus on your personality, working style and communication skills. It is intended to provide the interviewer with the necessary information to decide whether you can meet the criteria for the position and fit into the company culture. So it`s not only about what you say but also how you behave and communicate during the interview: Are you able to listen and answer appropriate to the questions of the interviewer? Can you radiate self-confidence and openness? This hands-on workshop will support you in facing the next job interview more confident and well-prepared.

20.-21.01.2022, 1:30 – 6 pm



Successful self-presentation in talks – How to give competent and captivating presentations (Sabine Mariss)

The standards for scientific presentations are high and often their quality is crucial for the further development of an academic career. In addition to the professional presentation of the contents, your personal appearance is important for a successful presentation: How do I deal with stress situations? How do I react to unforeseen situations? Am I able to create a positive atmosphere for me and my audience? This hands-on seminar will address those and related topics and help participants to use their strengths for professional presentations.

25.01.2022, 1:30- 6 pm



A strong appearance! Self-confident and assertive in your communication (Sabine Mariss)

Many scientists have extremely high expectations of themselves and tend to hold themselves and their own successes in low esteem. The resulting self-doubt and insecurities are constant companions, especially for many women. It can therefore be very challenging to develop a stable self-confidence and be assertive in a competitive field such as science. Confidence is indispensable for actively participating in important discussions, leading employees and networking during a conference coffee break. The topics of this seminar focus on strengthening inner stability as well as improving your ability to convincingly stand up for yourself and your personal interests. This also includes being able to defend your own boundaries “loudly” and clearly.

22.-23.03.2022,  1:30 – 6 pm


Growing as a researcher – Small group coaching for female scientists

Learning how others have overcome a challenge can be an important inspiration. This solution-oriented coaching format supports you in finding your professional role. In contrast to a structured workshop, it is an open space for your current matters. You are explicitly invited to bring in your own topics and concerns. Due to trainer’s expertise, the focus will be on personality development and on how to use it for your progress as a researcher, leader and lecturer. For the process, the trainer offers a range of coaching methods and prepares input material. Topics: How to deal with the complex challenges of daily life without losing good self-care; How to deal with difficult situations and conflicts constructively and assertively; Clarification of roles, e.g. in leadership positions: Recognizing and using your own strengths; Dissolving destructive beliefs; Proactivity to increase your own effectiveness; How to keep your objectives in view and set useful priorities; Compatibility of family and career; Strengthening the network: Using the feedback, knowledge and experiences of the other group members for your issues.

Format: Four meetings, each from 1:30-5:30 pm

Dates: March 17th / April 21st / June 2nd / July 7th

Flexibility: If you cannot attend all of the appointments, you are invited to join the program anyway! It is also possible to sign up for the program and miss 1-2 meetings

Either online or in person, depending on the current Covid-19 situation.


For registration, please contact the equal opportunity office: