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Göttingen State and University Library: Help desk XXL (07 & 12 Feb 2019)


We are pleased to inform you about the upcoming events “Help Desk XXL North Campus” on February 7 and “Help Desk XXL” on February 12 organised by the Göttingen State and University Library.

During the drop-in sessions, students can seek advice on literature search, reference management, writing process, statistics, and text formatting. Registration is not required.
More information about the Help Desk is available on the SUB website: (“Help Desk XXL North Campus”, February 7) (“Help Desk XXL”, February 12)
and on Facebook: and


Helpdesk_XXL_nordcampus    Helpdesk_XXL


If you are interested in a course in English designed to address specific and subject-oriented needs of your students (e.g. specific databases), please do not hesitate to contact the organisers Tamara Rühle und Anna Savitskaya.