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CRC 1286 Lectures with Rituparna Chakrabarti on publishing jobs, 9 &10 Jun 2022

Logo_Startseite_Homepage_testThe CRC Lecture Series is featuring in June GAUSS alumna Rituparna Chakrabarti, a broad-spectrum scientist and currently a Scientific Editor at iScience. Rituparna will give two talks on 9 and 10 June 2022, respectively, about the publishing sector.

Both lectures will take place at the Center for Biostructual Imaging of Neurodegeneration (BIN), Von-Siebold-Str. 3 a, Göttingen, starting at 12:00 noon.

Further details are available below.

Thursday, 9 June 2022: “How to Conduct Interdisciplinary Research & Publish in High Impact Journals”
(Poster: Rituparna-Chakrabarti-Talk 2022-06-09)

In this talk she will give editorial insights on:

  • How to Publish in Cell Press
  • What are the behind the Scene during Peer Review
  • Top 5 Tips for the Authors
  • Why Interdisciplinary Research is Important
  • Resources to help in Interdisciplinary Research and Writing

Friday, 10 June 2022: “Behind the Scenes: the saga of an interdisciplinary editor”
(Poster: Rituparna-Chakrabarti-Talk 2022-06-10)

In this talk she will share:

  • My Story: Career Trajectory, Life as a Science Communicator and Importance of Crowdsourced Mentoring
  • Life as an Editor: Diverse Portfolio in Cell Press and Roles in an Interdisciplinary New Journal
  • Working at Cell Press: FAQ for would-be editors
  • Resources to help those who are considering a career transition

If you like to meet with Rituparna Chakrabarti on one of these days after the lecture (for round about 20 minutes), please contact Christin Wiemuth, the administrative coordinator of the CRC 1286 (