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Conference: European Molecular Imaging Meeting, Deadline 3 Dec!

European Molecular Imaging Meeting – the EMIM 2020:

The meeting will take place from 24-27 March in Thessaloniki, Greece. Participation in the meeting has been continuously growing over the past years integrating more and more related, relevant disciplines and modalities. in 2020 we expect 700+ attendees from all fields of imaging science from within and outside Europe: a truly interdisciplinary forum on an extraordinary high scientific level.


Deadline for abstract submission is 3rd December 2019 (with NO extension!)

29 January 2020 | Deadline early registration

Check for submission, registration, speakers, and concept and see below brief insight into the programme.

Further information anytime at and do not hesitate to contact the ESMI office via



Mikhail Shapiro, Pasadena

“Talking to Cells: Biomolecular Engineering for Non-Invasive Imaging and Control of Cellular Function”

Vasilis Ntziachristos, Munich

“Optical and Optoacoustic imaging: the revolution of label free observations”

Dara Kraitchman, Baltimore

“Stem Cells and Embolics: Is seeing where you are and have been important?”

Jens Frahm, Göttingen

„Real-time MRI and Beyond – A New Horizon”

Laure Fournier, Paris

“Using Radiomics to Explore Images”


EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMME – for juniors & seniors

Imaging Probes

Image Processing


Nuclear Imaging

+ Educational Spotlight Session „Theranostics: Image-guided surgery, drug delivery and radionuclide therapy”



The EMIM starts at Tuesday 24 March with exceptional project sessions, an excellent EDUCATIONAL Programme followed by the STUDY GROUP Meetings.

The OPENING SESSION is scheduled for Wednesday 25 March in the morning.

End of the EMIM is Friday 27 March at around 14.00h.