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Symposium: WoCaNet, Women’s Careers and Network Symposium, 27-28 May 2021

As of now the registration for this year’s Women’s Careers and Networks (WoCaNet) Symposium is open. The topic of the 7th edition will be “Transformation: Blaze your own Trail“. The WoCaNet symposium aims to bring


students, researchers, and established scientific professionals together for a stimulating two-day event and wants to provide an interactive environment for young female scientists to find new possibilities and networking opportunities. To the men and everyone reading this who doesn’t identify as female: WoCaNet is also for you! In an open and inspiring environment, ideas and experiences on building careers and achieving a successful work-life balance can be shared.

The organizers succeeded in putting together a highly interesting program for you. They invited speakers from various fields, i.e. social demography & gender studies; physics & biophysics; nanomechanics & nanomagnetism; psychology & education; clinical & affective, as well as cellular & cognitive neuroscience; medical science and cancer research; marine ecology; industry; founding a tech start-up; science communication; science illustration.

Curious? Check out their website ( and follow on Twitter (@WoCaNet), Facebook (@WoCaNet21) and/or LinkedIn (wocanet2021)!

Don´t miss out on this great networking opportunity! Register now!

Registration fees:

  • Attending the symposium is FREE, but registration is mandatory
  • 10-15 Euro for participation in a workshop

Registration deadline: 30.04.2021