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Hybrid Conference: Innovation for Health 2021, 15-16 Apr 2021

About Innovation for Health

Innovation for Health is the premier conference for key players in Life Sciences and Health in the Netherlands and Belgium and is attended by 900+ visitors annually. The next edition is planned as a hybrid conference on 15-16 April 2021, with a live programme and exhibition on 15 April in Rotterdam. The conference brings top-notch speakers to the stage, displays high impact innovations, highlights best practices, and demonstrates inspiring developments in healthcare. This year’s conference has a focus on immunology.

Call for Abstracts

An important part of the programme of Innovation for Health are the Academic Innovation Presentations (AIP). The aim of these AIPs is to give scientists from academia the possibility to bring their research projects under the attention of key players in Life Sciences & Health and to connect with potential partners at an early stage. The AIPs offers the possibility to present research with a scientific poster and a verbal pitch presentation on 16 April 2021 during the online programme of  Innovation for Health. Whether you are a PhD candidate, postdoc or a (Ass.) Professor, if you are working on an innovative research project in the field of Immunology, you are invited to submit an abstract for a poster presentation and a pitch presentation. There is no limitation to the number of poster presentations that we can accept. There is room for 8 verbal pitch presentations to be included in the programme.

Final registration deadline for Academic Innovation Presentations is 1 March 2021.


Why participate with an Academic Poster Presentation:

  • Communicate your research to a broad audience  in Life Sciences & Health.
  • Get feedback in your research from key players in the sector.
  • Connect with potential partners for future collaboration.
  • Expand your network and insights in the Life Sciences & health sector.


How to apply

In order to submit an abstract, you need to be registered as an attendee for the Innovation for Health 2021 conference. Click the button below to register yourself. After you have registered for the conference you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a personal link to submit your abstract.

For more information and application go to our website.