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Körber Foundation: Deutscher Studienpreis 2020

The Körber Foundation annually awards the Deutscher Studienpreis (German Study Prize) for contributions by young researchers of outstanding social importance.

In total, prizes with a total value of over 100,000 euros are awarded, including three top prizes of 25,000 euros each in the Social Sciences, Humanities and Cultural Sciences, Natural Sciences and Engineering Sciences sections.

The competition is open to doctoral candidates from all scientific disciplines who will complete their doctorate with magna or summa cum laude in 2019. The date of the oral examination applies. The closing date for entries is always 1 March of the following year. Anyone who received a doctorate with an excellent result in 2019 can therefore apply for the Deutscher Studienpreis until 1 March 2020.

Suitable candidates apply with an essay that presents the central results of the doctoral project in an exciting and understandable way for those outside the subject area and highlights the special social significance of the research results: You must submit a text of a maximum of 20,000 characters in which you present the central research results of your dissertation and their social significance in an exciting and comprehensible way.

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Contact:  Friederike Schneider



Tel. +49 (0)40 / 808192-151



I wrote my dissertation in English. May I also write my competition entry in English?
No. The dissertation itself and the expert opinions may, of course, be submitted in their original form and do not have to be translated. The competition entry and the Abstracts on the other hand must be written in German. In case your competition entry will be shortlisted and you will be invited to submit your entry to the jury, you must also present your lecture in German.