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Call for projects // Sustainable small-scale land use and urban gardening – student garden

Alumni-Student-Garden_Call_ENIn August 2020 Alumni Göttingen was provided with an allotment garden close to the Kiessee. For 2021, all students are invited to hand in projects that are going to be realized in the allotment garden. In cooperation with Alumni Göttingen, Stiftung WissenWecken gGmbH provides funding for projects related to sustainable small-scale land use, urban gardening or environmental education. Possible topics are, e. g. subsistence farming on urban land, pollinator-/insect-friendly vegetation for urban areas, water-saving cultivation of vegetables or fruits, etc. Stiftung WissenWecken provides funding of up to 1,000 Euro for material expenses for projects.

All students enrolled at Göttingen University can apply as individuals or teams before 15 April 2021.

Find detailed information here:

How can you apply?
Please provide your proposal per e-mail. The proposal needs to cover the following:
– a description of the project that clearly states the goal of the project, methods, the schedule and mile stones
– a cost projection that clearly outlines expected material expenses
– an outline of how results of the project will be documented and published (e. g. as a digital flyer, education material, etc.). The creation of a durable product is a prerequisite to any project funding by Stiftung WissenWecken.

Please address your proposal to before 15 April 2021.

If you have any questions on this call, feel free to contact:
Dr. Laura Breitsameter, Stiftung WissenWecken, for any questions on the topic of your project and for any questions on the application process.