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1-day online program for Life Science Start-ups: AHEAD Life Science pre-check-in, 14 Jul 2020

On July 14th, the Life Science Factory offers a 1-day online AHEAD Life Science pre-check-in in collaboration with Fraunhofer Venture, consisting of lectures, interactive workshops and 1:1 sessions with experienced life science coaches. Topics such as Entrepreneurship in Life Science, IP, business development, market and finance are on our agenda.

Our experts and coaches will be: Dr. Grit Zahn (Head of Research, Eternygen GmbH), Dr. Sven Wagner (Head of Business Development, Sartorius AG), Dr. Thomas Reichthalhammer (Consultant, MedTech360), Magdalena Kempa (Venture Manager, Blue Ribbon Partners), Dr. Feodora Lenz (Leitung Innovationsmanagement EXIST, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen)

The AHEAD Life Science pre-Check-in enables founders and start-up teams from universities and research institutes to get to know the Fraunhofer Venture AHEAD Accelerator Life Science Track Program (see information about the program of last year).

AHEAD is an accelerator program of Fraunhofer Venture, which supports intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs in turning their technology into a company. This six-month accelerator program (AHEAD Life Science Track, planned in autumn 2020) helps start-up teams with technological innovations in a demand-oriented way to further develop their life science business model and validate it in the market.

Startup teams interested in the 1-day online AHEAD Life Science pre-check-in (July 14, 2020) are welcome to register on eventbrite.

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