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Please help us spreading the word about support for Postdocs on the Göttingen Campus

We need your help in reaching out to so many postdocs who are not aware of the different support structures explicitly created and available for them!

In addition to the GAUSS Career Service specialised for those working in mathematics, natural and life sciences, there is also the Göttingen Campus Postdoc Network available to all postdocs from all disciplines – you will find a short description what both are offering below.

It would be fabulous if you could check with your peers in your working group if they are aware of both networks and if not if they would like to sign up! You have always the option to sign out again if you consider the information not useful. Feel free to copy the text of this newsletter post and spread the word by email. It would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much!
Your GAUSS Career Service Team and Melissa Sollich (GC Postdoc Network)

GAUSS-Career_Flyer_4seitig_09032018-1GAUSS Career Service for postdocs & late-stage PhD students
in mathematics, natural and life sciences

  • Aim: The GAUSS Career Service is a service facility supporting postdoctoral careers in natural and life science – inside and outside of academia
  • Eligibility: Primarily postdocs and late-stage PhD students in mathematics, natural and life sciences on the Göttingen Campus (including the following institutions: faculties of Biology/Psychology, Chemistry, Geosciences/Geography, Mathematics/Informatics, Physics as well as DPZ, DLR, MPI-ds, MPI-nat, MPS). Anybody who is interested in what we offer (e.g. group leaders, science managers, coordinators, administrators etc.) can of course sign up to our monthly newsletter to recieve information, which you might find valuable.
  • Offers: Take advantage of access to workshops and seminars (e.g. career planning, interview training, grant writing, leadership in science, project management etc.), networking events with GAUSS postdos and alumni from very different career backgrounds, individual counseling and advice sessions (including CV and application checks), monthly newsletter (announcing career workshops & events, upcoming funding & job opportunities), online collections of e.g. relevant funding schemes and trainee programs
  • Register here:
  • Webpage:
  • Contact:
    (Stefanie Klug, Vera Bissinger & Christin Schröter)

GC_Logo_rgb_blau-blau Göttingen Campus Postdoc Network
for all Postdocs across the Göttingen Campus

  • Aim: To improve the Postdoc experience at Göttingen by facilitating communication and information exchange to Postdocs and between Postdocs.
  • Eligibility: A Postdoc is defined here as a PhD-holder who conducts professional research under a time-limited contract or fellowship. This includes guest researchers and Postdocs based across the Göttingen Campus, including MPIs, UMG, University and all other research centres. Information shared by the Network can also be relevant for late-stage PhDs to early-stage independent group leader, researcher or (Junior) Professor as well as coordinators and science managers. Anyone who would find the information useful, is welcome to join the Network.
  • Offers: Members of the Network benefit from: a monthly Newsletter in English containing information relevant to Postdocs (from health information to grant application deadlines to training to life in Göttingen); regular emails; monthly social meetings; ad hoc meetings arranged as needed; and Postdoc Support and Information Fairs. Queries and questions can be sent to the Postdoc Coordinator. There is a Postdoc portal full of information for Postdocs including important topics such as mental health support ( The work is guided and informed by the GC Postdoc Committee, a committee of Postdocs who are broadly representative of Postdocs across the Campus. Committee members have opportunities to be involved with the wider administration of the University as well as feed information to its Vice Principal and President.
  • Register here:
  • Webpages: The GC Postdoc Network – The GC Postdoc Committee –
  • Contact: