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Takeoff: Team Teaching Program for Teaching Newcomers

This program offers teaching newcomers to gain knowledge and acquire competencies on how to teach in higher education. Parallel to teaching a course with another person, hence as teaching team (with another teaching newcomer or a colleague with more teaching experiences), the program prepares and accompanies this first teaching experiences, offers support in challenging situations and provides information on what to keep in mind to support student learning in academic settings. Thus, the program links actual teaching practice with theoretical insights and reflective impulses and thereby supports teaching newcomers to develop their teaching competencies.

The program consists of five workshops and three practice-focused elements. In total it covers 60 working units (á 45 min). One special aspect is that we will work in a stable group of teaching newcomers.

Requirements Please keep in mind that it is mandatory to teach a seminar, lab course, lecture or the like parallel to the program and that this teaching should be organized in a teaching team. Please contact us if you have questions on the different possibilities to form a teaching team.


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Please register for the summer term program before March 15th 2020 via email.

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