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Meeting: Göttingen Neural Networking Day, 17 Dec

Dear all,

please join us for the first “Göttingen Neural Networking Day” on Tuesday, 17th of December 2019!

We want to provide a meeting place for the rich and diverse neuroscience community in Göttingen. We provide the location, poster boards, food and drinks, you bring your science, your poster, and your questions. Everyone is welcome, those who work on neurons and neural systems, and those with a keen interest.

We are looking forward to meeting you for the featured talks and for ample discussions between the posters on Fassberg on Tuesday, 17th of December!

As you can imagine, it was very difficult to choose among the many great speakers here in Göttingen.
This is our first group – with the hope that this event is the first in a row!

Alexander Ecker
Caspar Schwiedrzik
Silvio O. Rizzoli
Patapia Zafeiriou

Please register before December 10th.
Details and registration:
Location: Max Planck Institutes for Dynamics and Self-Organization & for Biophysical Chemistry
Ludwig Prandtl Hall (Canteen Building), Am Faßberg 13

Viola Priesemann
support by Barbara Kutz and the entire group,
and by the Max Planck Society and the MPI-DS.