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New offer for Course Intercultural Leadership for Chemistry & Physics PhDs (NOTE: updated dates)

In November the faculty of Physics (in cooperation with the faculty of Chemistry) will again offer two courses on “Unfolding Diversity – Harvesting Excellence; A Successful Intercultural Leadership and Collaboration Approach” with lecturer Silvie Klein-Franke.

From November 07 to 08 2023, there will be a 2-day course in German language (full day, approx. 8 am – 4 pm) and from November 06 and 09 2023, there will be an course in English language (full day, approx. 8 am – 4 pm), also 2-day.

A course description can be found here.

The courses are offered in presence.

Successful participation can be credited with 1 credit as a key competency in the PhD program in physics.

Since the courses are offered in collaboration with the faculty of Chemistry, the places for participants are limited to 6 from each faculty.


Further information will be announced in time before the start of the course.


Registrations will be considered according to the time of receipt. Please register informally by emailing Dr. Ralph Behrends (