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Statement of the University against extreme right-wing symbols and graffiti on campus

Decision of the Presidential Board on Nov 19, 2019

During recent months, buildings of the University of Göttingen have repeatedly been vandalised with swastikas and other extreme right-wing, racist, anti-Semitic, and transphobic symbols and slogans. Some of these graffiti involved explicit threats and insults levelled at individual staff, students and associates as well as individual institutions of the University.

The University of Göttingen prides itself on being an international, open-minded institution and an organisation, in which diversity is the norm. It values and promotes the diversity of its staff and students. The University seeks to contribute to the realisation of equal opportunities and the overcoming of discrimination against people whether for their gender, ethnicity, culture, background, religion or other grounds.
Remembering the darkest chapter of its history during the period of National Socialism, the University is committed to utilising its strengths in shaping a humane, tolerant and peaceful world.

The University of Göttingen strongly condemns the repeated attacks on its values by this graffiti which shows support of right-wing terrorist acts of violence, National Socialism and its symbols in addition to the threats against its staff and students.

One of the University’s primary functions is to cultivate and develop science and art through research, teaching, and study in a free and democratic country that is founded on justice and integrity. It considers scientific freedom a very valuable asset. The University is concerned to see this asset being challenged by populism, nationalism and new forms of aggression. It calls upon its members to stand up for democratic culture, human rights, and anti-discrimination.