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New digital procedure for thesis submission!

Dear GAUSS doctoral students,Vorschau_Logo_GAUSS_ohneRahmen

when you have finalized your PhD thesis you need to submit it to the respective deanery of your faculty or the program specific coordination office. At this point, you need to apply for admission to your doctoral examination (disputation) specifying your desired doctoral degree (Dr. rer. nat. or PhD) and proposing the examination board including the two referees of your thesis.

In future, the procedure for submission of your thesis will be digital via an online Lucom form (accessed through eCampus) by which all relevant information is gathered and the neccessary documents are uploaded. Thus, the submission workflow is adjusted to the digital needs, especially in times of the pandemic.

What is new and important?!

  • The online form can only be submitted when all members of the examination board have an examination accreditation! Otherwise you might not be able to select the respective person(s) in the list of authorised examiners. More information on examination accreditations can be found here.
    • Please have the proposed composition of your examination board checked by the Program/Dean’s Office way in advance (2-3 month before submission)!
  • All required information and documents for the examination application are requested in the form (compare §9 of the RerNat-O) and must be available at the time of application.
  • After submitting the online form, you will receive an email with a PDF, in which all data of the application are listed and summarised in the Application for Admission to the Doctoral Examination. This document must be printed and signed in a legally binding manner, confirming that the digital and printed versions of the dissertation are identical.
    • To meet the submission deadline you should submit the signed application and the bound copy(s)of your dissertation as soon as possible to the respective Program/Dean’s Office.
      • Please ask for the number of bound copies required by your faculty/program at the relevant Program/Dean’s Office and check with your examination board who would like to receive a printed version of your dissertation (you have to distribute them yourself)
      • The examination procedure can only start once the the respective Program/Dean’s Office has received (at least (via email) the digital version of) the signed documents. Only the submission of the signed Application for Admission to the Doctoral Examination meets the deadline for submission, not the submission of the online form.
  • With the approval by the respective Program/Dean’s Office, you will receive an email for admission to the doctoral examination. Furthermore, all members of the examination board will be notified by email regarding their appointment to the examination board including a link to the dissertation and date, time, and location of the disputation.


The form can be accessed via this Link or via eCampus (follow More\Forms\Promotionsformulare\Application for doctoral examination).

We updated our webpage and the Checklist – Countdown to doctoral degree accordingly, which holds all relevant information for the submission of your thesis and the application of your disputation. We highly recommend to follow the instructions of the Checklist.

Feel free to contact us in case of questions.

Your GAUSS Office