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New GAUSS Student Representative

On 03 March the student representatives of the individual GAUSS programs met to appoint the new student representative of GAUSS.

Karen Stroh, PhD student of the Faculty of Physics in the I. Physical Institute was appointed as the new GAUSS Student Representative beginning 01 April 2021. Hanna Knirsch, student of the Mathematical Sciences Program of the Faculty of Mathematics & Computer Sciences will continue as deputy to support Karen. A very big thank you to both of them for taking on this important position.

Karen has already some knowledge of how academic self-government works as well as experience in representing and defending students’ interests, since during her Bachelor’s, she was active among the student representatives of the Faculty of Physics here in Göttingen. Given the current situation, of course, the challenges resulting from the pandemic need to be adequately considered for all PhD students concerned. It also matters to her to reduce unnecessary barriers for international PhD candidates, because it is no doubt that the sciences benefit from this exchange of research culture. However, the most significant area Karen is passionate about driving change is the advancement and encouragement of good supervision and the support of doctoral students in achieving this.

Hanna, doctoral student of the RTG 2088, had already held the deputy position for the last 1.5 years and is the student representative of the Mathematical Sciences Program of the Faculty of Mathematics & Computer Sciences. Hanna is still very much interested in solving problems concerning examination-related requirements. She is eager to improve the GAUSS regulations for the benefit of each single doctoral student, so that everyone is treated equally, no matter what background this person has.


Contact Details of Karen & Hanna:

GAUSS Representative GAUSS Deputy Representative
Karen Stroh
I. Physical Institute
PhD student of Faculty of Physics
Friedrich-Hund-Platz 1, 37077 Göttingen
Hanna Knirsch
Institute for Numerical and Applied Mathematics
Department of Mathematics
PhD student of Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Sciences
Student representative program Mathematics (SMS)


All GAUSS programs have their own student representatives who are annually electing the representative and his/her deputy off all GAUSS doctoral students. This GAUSS student representative is a member of the GAUSS board attending the board meetings.

In case you don´t know your student representative, more information on who is the doctoral student representative of your PhD program can be found here!