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Online Seminar by Pro-Test Deutschland: Unsuck your Science, 21 Apr 2021

UnsuckYourScienceOnline event “Unsuck your Science” – How a culture of care improves our lives as scientists, as well as those of our animals ( of the non-profit association Pro-Test Deutschland e.V.

As PhD-students and postdocs, we’re the actual crew of this ship called Science. Some of us get to stand on deck and enjoy the public applause. But more often than not, we’re just busy working deep down in the engine room. And that can be a privilege, because few other jobs are as interesting and rewarding as ours!
We want to do our job well. We care about our research. And though almost everyone around is well-intentioned, we can see much we don’t like – a flawed analysis here, a missing control experiment there, wishful thinking by our boss. Because we’re often the only ones to see that something’s broken, we’re also the only ones who can fix it. This holds especially true when performing animal experiments. We care about our lab animals. Taking responsibility for the life and death of another creature is never easy, but if done correctly, animal experiments can be both ethically sound and scientifically valid. So how do you know you’re doing it right? And how can you do even better in the future?

Join us online on Wednesday 21 April 2021, 2-5 pm.

In our online seminar, 8 researchers will share their own solutions to 8 common issues. In addition to these practical fixes, we will highlight how better communications within your lab (and with the outside world) can enable such improvements in the first place. Joined by a panel of experts, we will then discuss what still makes it hard for YOU to make a difference, and what you need to overcome those hurdles. After the core event you may engage in open discussion with some of our speakers and members of our organisation in virtual break-out rooms.

The event will be held in English and is free of charge.

Registration is now open, please register here:


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