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Courses: Introductory and Parallel Programming, Oct 2019 @GWDG

Using the Parallel Processing Power of the GWDG Scientific Compute Cluster.

GWDG operates a scientific compute cluster with currently 17,048 cores and a total compute power of 369 Teraflops (3.69*1014 floating point operations per second),

which can be used by all scientists of the institutes of GWDG’s supporting organisations, University of Göttingen and Max Planck Society.
In order to facilitate the access to and the efficient use of these computing resources, GWDG offers introductory and parallel programming courses, held at GWDG’s site ‘Am Faßberg’.
The next courses in 2019 are

  • October 7th, 9:30 am – 4:00 pm – Using the GWDG Scientific Compute Cluster – An Introduction
    The course is intended for new or inexperienced users of the clusters.
  • October 15th – 16th, 9:15 am – 5:00 pm – Parallel Programming with MPI (Including MPI for Python)
    This course introduces the message passing interface (MPI) for programming parallel applications in FORTRAN, C, and in Python. All concepts will be illustrated with hands on exercises. Examples of parallel applications will be presented and analysed.
  • October 22nd, 9:15 am – 5:00 pm – Programming with CUDA – An Introduction
    This course introduces hardware and parallelization concepts for GPUs and the CUDA programming environment for C and Fortran, including the language elements for controlling the processor parallelism and for accessing the various levels of memory.

These three courses are repeated regularly. Other courses on parallel computing, dealing with more specialized topics can be arranged on demand. The possible subjects include parallel programming for shared memory systems and using extensions of C or Fortran with high level parallel constructs.

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