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Free spots in GAUSS courses

Several GAUSS courses offered this October and November still have free spots:

  • The three-day workshop “Grundlagen der Mitarbeiterführung” (04.10. – 06.10.2017) is offered in German and is preparing students for leadership challenges during their future career. (the equivalent of this course in english was offered in May and will probably be offered again next year).
  • The one-day seminar on “Time Management for Doctoral Students” (20.10.2017) will provide participants with insights about the proper planning of scientific research during the doctoral studies.
  • A three-day seminar by Alexander Schiller on “Higher Education for Natural Scientists” (06.11. – 08.11.2017) is preparing students with didactical methods in order to become a better teacher in the future.
  • The two-day workshop “Grant Writing for Scientists” (09.11. + 10.11.2017) is aimed at late stage PhD students that want to learn about how to write grant proposals. The workshop includes a review of existing drafts for grant proposals and requires a thorough pre-work to prepare for the course.

In case you are interested in one (ore more) of the above mentioned opportunities, please visit the respective website and apply via email to