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Become the new student representative in the GAUSS board – apply now (term Apr 2023 – Apr 2024)

The period of office of the current GAUSS student representatives, Hiwa and Jan-Wilke, comes to an end soon.

We therefore invite candidates to apply for the position of the next GAUSS student representative(s) for the term of office from 01.04.2023 until 31.03.2024.

You have ideas on how to improve the PhD experience of all students in GAUSS and are passionate about bringing forward and discussing changes? Then you may want to consider volunteering as a candidate! Everyone interested in becoming the next speaker of the GAUSS doctoral students can be elected.Vorschau_Logo_GAUSS_ohneRahmen


The role of the GAUSS student representative is right for you if you:

– Are passionate about thinking and discussing changes of PhD regulations and amenities.

– Advocate and discuss students’ interests.

– Enjoy communicating and working together with fellow students and student representatives.

Optional but recommended:

– Basic understanding of German language (there will be translations, but German is the official language for legal purposes).

In your role as GAUSS representative, you will:

– participate in 3-4 GAUSS board meetings to discuss and vote on changes in GAUSS including changes in doctoral degree regulations (board meetings are in english).

– discuss and vote on GAUSS family & emergency grants (if you are currently in a financially tight situation, please check out whether you can apply!

– communicate with other students/representatives to become aware of potential improvements.

– communicate and discuss improvements with the GAUSS Office and management.


The GAUSS student representative and the deputy will be appointed (“ernannt”) by the student representatives of all GAUSS doctoral programs (which includes GGNB) in a meeting in March 2023. In this meeting, all running candidates will have the opportunity to convince the program representatives in a very brief motivation statement (1 Slide, max. 5 minutes).

If you are interested, please send a short Email to the GAUSS Office, and include a very brief motivation statement and outline a few points for which you are passionate about driving change.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the GAUSS-Office (Dirk), Hiwa, or Jan-Wilke.