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IMPORTANT: Student e-mail address – exclusive use starting January 2024

In accordance with the PersDatO (privacy regulations of the University), starting in mid-January 2024, GAUSS (incl. GGNB) will

switch to using the student e-mail address (… for all communication with doctoral students.

All doctoral students will be informed prior to the change, and are already asked to regularly check their student e-mail or preferably integrate it in their e-mail client.

Please note that your student e-mail account is different from your Stud.IP account, and that eCampus gives access to the services of Stud-IT (student e-mail […]), Stud.IP (course registrations) and EXA (course catalog and directory).

The student email address is primarily used for example for:

  • General communication and announcements from the Offices (GAUSS, GGNB, IMPRS, MolMed, CVS,…)
  • Automatic reminder emails (for Thesis Committee Meeting and Thesis Submission/Extension)
  • GAUSS NewsletterVorschau_Logo_GAUSS_ohneRahmen