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Affiliation Policy of the University – concerns every GAUSS doctoral student

Every GAUSS PhD student is affiliated with the University of Göttingen through their membership in one of the GAUSS porgrams and their mandatory matriculation at the University. No matter if you are pursuing your PhD at a department or institution of the University, the Göttingen Campus (MPI, DPZ,…) or external. The affiliation to the University of Göttingen has to be stated in every publication in that a GAUSS doctoral student is listed as an author!


Im Fall einer Veröffentlichung von Forschungsleistungen, die im Rahmen einer […] Dissertation […] erarbeitet worden sind, ist grundsätzlich auch die Einrichtung als Affiliation anzugeben, an der die […] Dissertation […] eingereicht wird.


In the case of a publication of research work carried out as part of a […] dissertation […], the institution at which the […] dissertation […] will be submitted must also be stated as the affiliation.


All details about the affiliation policy can be studied here: