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Lecture Series “Current Topics in Biophysics and Complex Systems”

We would like to draw your attention to the lecture series “Current Topics in Biophysics and Complex Systems” which is offered by the GGNB PhD Program “Physics of Biological and Complex Systems”.

This lecture series offers a broad overview of the methods used in biophysics and related disciplines

from experimental to theoretical,

from spectroscopy to whole-cell manipulations,

from microscopy and nanoscopy to the simulation of complex systems.

These “methods in a nutshell” lectures provide a unique opportunity to get acquainted with several techniques as taught by the experts.

The lecture series is open to all interested Master/PhD students of the natural Sciences and will be held in presence, a prior registration by email to is appreciated but not required.


Mondays from 10:15-11:45 am! Full program below.

Start of the series: 24th October 2022, with the first speaker: Prof. Dr. Jörg Enderlein, Third Institute of Physics, Advanced Fluorescence Microscopy


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Full program:

Poster: Lecture_Series_Current_Topics_in_Biophysics and_Complex_Systems_WiSe2022-23

24.10.2022 Prof. Dr. Jörg Enderlein, Third Institute of Physics
Advanced Fluorescence Microscopy

07.11.2022 Dr. Andreas Neef, Neurophysics Laboratory
Near-Optimal Quantal Information Transmission in the Sensory Cortex

14.11.2022 Prof. Dr. Stefan Klumpp, Institute for Nonlinear Dynamics
Models for Magnetotatic Motility – From Bacteria to Microrobots

21.11.2022 Prof. Dr. Sarah Köster, Institute for X-Ray Physics
X-ray Imaging of Biological Cells

28.11.2022 Prof. Dr. Timo Betz, Third Institute of Physics
Active and Passive Microrheology

05.12.2022 Prof. Dr. Helmut Grubmüller, MPI for Multidisciplinary Sciences
Proteins at Work: Atomistic Simulation of Complex Systems

12.12.2022 Dr. Jaime Agudo-Canalejo, MPI for Dynamics and Self-Organization
Emergent Phenomena from Non-Equilibrium Chemical Activity

19.12.2022 Prof. Dr. Stefan Luther, MPI for Dynamics and Self-Organization
Nonlinear Dynamics of the Heart

09.01.2023 Dr. Olga Shishkina, MPI for Dynamics and Self-Organization
Natural Thermal Convection

16.01.2023 Dr. Wojciech Kopec, MPI for Multidisciplinary Sciences
Computational Electrophysiology of Ion Channels

23.01.2023 Prof. Dr. Christian Griesinger, MPI for Multidisciplinary Sciences
NMR Spectroscopy and Other Techniques to Study Small Molecule Interference with Aggregation
of Disease Relevant Proteins

30.01.2023 Prof. Dr. Burkhard Geil, Institute for Biophysical Chemistry
Modern Topics in Image Analysis

06.02.2023 Dr. Steffen Sahl, MPI for Multidisciplinary Sciences
Fluorescence Nanoscopy: Methods Fundamentals and Biological Applications