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Workshop for Female Scientists in Dec 21

The Equal Opportunity Office of the UMG offers courses for women, and occasionally for all genders. The course fees per participant have to be paid for by the respective department, usually from gender equality funds granted in DFG projects.UMG_OHNE_4C

If you are interested in a course, check with your supervisor if funds are available, and contact Laura Kajetzke for information and registration (; Telefon 0551/39-22191).


The following course is available for 2-4 participants in December:

Successful self-presentation in talks – How to give competent and captivating presentations

The standards for scientific presentations are high and often their quality is crucial for the further development of an academic career. In addition to the professional presentation of the contents, your personal appearance is important for a successful presentation: How do I deal with stress situations? How do I react to unforeseen situations? Am I able to create a positive atmosphere for me and my audience? This hands-on seminar will address those and related topics and help participants to use their strengths for professional presentations.

09.12.2021, 1:30- 6 pm