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Conference Grants Göttingen International

In order to promote young academics, Göttingen International is funding PhD students participating in an international scientific conference in the second half of 2017 (July 1st to December 10th). Please note that the final deadline for handing in the claim for travel expenses is December 10th. Below is a list of all required documents and details regarding the application procedure. Up to 70 % of the conference costs will be covered.

Application requirements

  • Active participation (oral presentation or poster-presentation) in an established international scienti c meeting, e.g. congress, symposium (NOT seminar, summer school etc.)
  • Close connection between own research eld and topic of the event
  • The applicant is enrolled as a PhD student at the University of Göttin- gen and has not received funding by Göttingen International before

Application documents

  • Letter of motivation including reasons for application, relevance of the presentation for current work and future plans, relevance of the trip for the development of the research area etc.
  • Statement from doctoral supervisor that 30 % of the conference costs will be covered by the institute / the chair
  • O cial approval of your paper being accepted / reviewed as a proof of active participation in the conference, or letter of invitation (may be handed in later)
  • Cost calculation of the conference trip (travel allowances according to DAAD guidelines*, accommodation costs according to the Bundesreisekostengesetz (BRKG), conference fee; NO per diems)
  • Assurance that no other funding is available to cover the conference costs
  • If applicable, a short statement of other reasons for funding (social needs, e.g. child care, care of a family member, time pressure due to residence status, need of assistance etc.)


Due to the limited funding budget Göttingen International does not guarantee funding. There will be a second call for application in 2017 (deadline June 30th, 2017).


Please send your application as one PDF by June 30th, 2017 to:

Dr. Martin Jagonak

Göttingen International