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Weekly online workshop: “Resilience Training for Researchers”, start: 8 Feb 2021

We are happy to announce our new online workshop “Resilience Training for Researchers” with Dr. Nadine Sinclair and Paul Sinclair.

Working in science and research can be highly rewarding but also extremely challenging. Pressure of competition, limited resources (be it time, be it funding), and conflicting situations almost belong to everyday life. In addition, ambition and aspiring perfection can lead to being too hard on yourself. It is no secret that all these factors may affect your well-being and mental health.

In this 9-week online program you are invited to learn strategies to cope with stress and pressure and how to make conscious lifestyle choices that support your physical and mental health. You will be able to create emotional self-awareness, develop your ability to regulate your emotions under pressure and learn techniques to help you push through personal and professional challenges without exhausting yourself.

  • Starting Date: Monday, 8 February 2021
  • Duration: 9 consecutive Mondays, 16:00-17:30h
  • Target group: Postdoctoral scientists and PhD students who would like to learn techniques to better cope with stress (at work)
  • Workshop program: download here
  • To register, please send an e-mail by 29 January 2021 to, including a short motivation statement why you would like to attend this workshop.


Please note, that this workshop cannot replace a therapy. If you already are suffering from severe mental health problems, we strongly recommend to seek for professional help. If you have a diagnosed mental health condition, please consult with your physician ahead of registering for this program.


Detailed description of the online workshop:

This program consists of several components – weekly virtual workshops of 90 min each, a member’s area where you can access recordings of the workshops, workbooks and templates to help you implement the techniques and an online community to interact with the trainers and participants outside of the weekly live sessions.

Before the start of the program, you will take the Personal Resilience Indicator (PRI), a validated psychometric designed to determine your current level of resilience across 6 domains and provide you with insights on how to build up your resilience quickly.

In the first virtual workshop, you will learn about resilience and how it relates to stress, performance and wellbeing. You will also understand how to interpret your PRI results and how to think about resilience holistically.

During each of the following weeks, we will explore a different aspect of resilience. We will share insights from recent research and evidence-based strategies for you to practice and implement. While your PRI scores will inform you on the aspects of resilience for you to focus on, each week will provide you with actionable exercises to help you take it to the next level. The recordings of the workshops will be available in the members area for a total of four months, so you can refresh if and when needed.

Over the 9 weeks, you will also interact with other participants and the trainers (Nadine and Paul) inside a private social media community. This is where you can exchange ideas, share your experiences and progress with your peers.

In week 9 you will retake the PRI. Using the insights from the workshop, you will be able to understand where you made progress and which aspects to focus on going forward to keep on building your resilience.