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Data Science Summer School 2018 in Göttingen

Advanced technologies are fast adopted by researchers and research communities and enable new ways for generating, processing, structuring and collaboratively using data. This does not only have a profound impact on the amount of data produced, but also on the variety of data formats and the velocity of data generation and handling. With digital technology, new scientific questions can be addressed and old problems can be tackled, for which the technology has not been available so far.

To learn the methods of Data Science will be possible in a Data Science Summer School in August 2018 in Göttingen again. The summer school focuses on the cross-linking of theory and practice and the intensive exchange between the students and the lecturers as well as the group work.

The Summer School is organized within the Short Term Programs of Göttingen University in cooperation of the Institute of Computer Science and the Göttingen eResearch Alliance, jointly run by the GWDG and the SUB Göttingen, with Göttingen International. The registration portal is open until 4 February 2018.


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