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Seminar: Competence in research integrity for PhD students, 22./29. Nov

Invitation for PhD students to join the seminar Competence in research integrity for PhD students in forestry, agriculture, ecology, and related disciplines in biology and geoscíences.
During a two day workshop we will discuss standards of research integrity for management and treatment of data, scientific publishing, authorship, mentoring und responsibilities in dayto-day research. Students will train competences for a responsible professional conduct as a scientist, and reflect on standards, problems and possible solutions to problems within the research system. They will gain a deep understanding of their rights and obligations as a scientist and on scientific principles. Through active participation and discussion of case studies students get a sense for possible conflicts and can use strategies for prevention and/or solution of these.
The seminar will take place

Friday 22.11.2019 and

Friday 29.11.2019

from 9:15am to 5:00pm

Room FSR 1.2

Büsgenweg 1

37077 Göttingen

Rewarded with 2 credits.
For registration:
Göttingen PhD students please register in stud.IP (Course number: 740647)
Kassel/Witzenhausen PhD students please email at

Martin Potthoff, Tel: 0551 39-66960,
Sophie Graefe, Tel: 05542 98-1619,