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GAUSS secondary skill courses – some rest places available

The response to the GAUSS secondary skill courses introduced in the last newsletter has been very encouraging and a lot of the available slots are already filled. Especially the workshop on “Business competence for natural scientists” was full after a short time. As the demand was so high, we could organize a second workshop in February which is already almost full. Also the other courses still have some free places. If you are interested in taking part in one (or more) of the courses, please find more information below.

Available courses:


Please register for a course via email listed in each course description.

Allocation of course places
The participants are allocated to the courses in the timely order of their application (“first come, first serve”). All other applicants are enlisted in a waiting list. Two weeks before the course starts, free places are allocated according to the waiting list.
If the demand for a course is very strong, the graduate school will try to provide alternatives or additional courses.

Four weeks before the course starts, all course registrations are regarded as binding.
Planning and realising the key skill courses implies a great financial and organisational effort. We can only maintain the course offer if we can rely on the registered participants to show up.
Therefore, your registration is regarded as binding four weeks before the beginning of the course. Remaining free places will be allocated to interested applicants on the waiting list. We can only accept a notification of a cancellation on the grounds of illness or other severe reasons. If you cancel your participation without such a reason, we will have to exclude you from participating in other courses for one year.

More information about qualification courses that are open for all GAUSS PhD students can be found on the course website: